A Sleighfull of Free Christmas Music Downloads

I’m not listing my favorite Christmas songs this year, as I’ve done in the past. But I’m not going to be a total Grinch about Christmas music this year either. Here are some great places to download FREE! LEGAL! Christmas and other winter holiday songs: 1. The Great 3hive You can find all kinds of […]

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eHarmony is free from now until Jan 3rd

Yep, eHarmony is free from now until Jan 3rd. So get your single friends to put their profiles on there! I need me some matches. I have no new matches (!) and that’s just rude. So, tell all your friends. Especially you UUs who come here! Go on! Do your part to bring peace, love, […]

Reminder: all 25 Christmas songs are Available for Download

All 25 of Amazon’s free Christmas downloads are now available for a limited time. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Note to self: download those Christmas songs!

Now that all of the 25 free Christmas songs have been posted on Amazon, you can go back and download them all!

Merry Christmas to Friends and Family by Benji Cossa

I’d like to thank 3hive for finding and sharing these great Holiday tunes. You can enjoy them online or download them for free! (They are legal downloads.) Jesus Christ- This is my favorite of the bunch. I downloaded it last year and it got a lot of play in my holiday music rotation. Also nice: […]

Christmas Songs by Women – free to download

All of these free downloads can be found on Amazon. What Child Is This? by Barlowgirl. I’m pretty sure I linked to this harmonic,  unremarkable, and nice little tune last year. A beautiful version of Oh Come Emmanuel by Aliqua. That’ll Be Christmas by Thea Gilmore. This is a very easy song to listen to. […]