A Sleighfull of Free Christmas Music Downloads

I’m not list­ing my favorite Christ­mas songs this year, as I’ve done in the past. But I’m not going to be a total Grinch about Christ­mas music this year either. Here are some great places to down­load FREE! LEGAL! Christ­mas and other win­ter hol­i­day songs: 1. The Great 3hive You can find all kinds of awe­some songs more »

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eHarmony is free from now until Jan 3rd

Yep, eHar­mony is free from now until Jan 3rd. So get your sin­gle friends to put their pro­files on there! I need me some matches. I have no new matches (!) and that’s just rude. So, tell all your friends. Espe­cially you UUs who come here! Go on! Do your part to bring peace, love, more »

Reminder: all 25 Christmas songs are Available for Download

All 25 of Amazon’s free Christ­mas down­loads are now avail­able for a lim­ited time. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Note to self: download those Christmas songs!

Now that all of the 25 free Christ­mas songs have been posted on Ama­zon, you can go back and down­load them all!

Merry Christmas to Friends and Family by Benji Cossa

I’d like to thank 3hive for find­ing and shar­ing these great Hol­i­day tunes. You can enjoy them online or down­load them for free! (They are legal down­loads.) Jesus Christ– This is my favorite of the bunch. I down­loaded it last year and it got a lot of play in my hol­i­day music rota­tion. Also nice: more »

Christmas Songs by Women — free to download

All of these free down­loads can be found on Ama­zon. What Child Is This? by Bar­low­girl. I’m pretty sure I linked to this har­monic,  unre­mark­able, and nice lit­tle tune last year. A beau­ti­ful ver­sion of Oh Come Emmanuel by Ali­qua. That’ll Be Christ­mas by Thea Gilmore. This is a very easy song to lis­ten to. [Oh! more »