I know you know just what you like

This is Something Else by Diamond Rings. Thanks Dooce for the introduction. Lyrics

The Whole Village was cheering

There is a great story about a natural labor over at Dooce. In part 2 she is talking about her assistant who just had a baby. She had a bunch of people in the labour room being completetly silent between contractions and then jumping into action and cheering and helping during the contractions. The cheering […]

Four Christmas Album suggestions for YOU!

I love Christmas music and I’m having fun making Christmas mixes, but if YOU want to just buy some albums (or CD’s, if you haven’t temporarily gone back in time like I have,) then here are some great Christmas Albums. Just click on the links to go to Pandora and listen to samples of all […]

Yes, We Can. Get your Sunday Groove On!

This is a version of “Yes, We Can” by students at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon who put on a concert called Barackappella. Dooce says that Barack Obama makes her want to be a better person. Me too! Not sure if there will ever again be an election like this one in my […]

Vintage Dooce

Sadly True… Thinking Thursday, January 17 2002 Do you hear that? Yeah, that’s my biological clock, and it’s angry. FUNNY… :) Thinking Tuesday, January 22 2002 I wish I could CTRL-Z the gel I put in my hair Thinking Wednesday, January 23 2002 It is cold today in LA. I want my money back. How […]

The Proper Way to Hate a Job

Sadly I can really relate to this brilliant post by Heather Armstrong about The Proper Way to Hate a Job which is why I’m a little afraid to get a job again. …After successfully avoiding any work related to your actual job, sneak out the back entrance and head home an hour early. Roll down […]

Ear ah Tahble

I had a great day. A good talk with a friend. Got lots done. Went to my Womyn’s group which I was really looking forward to, but while I was there, started feeling really IRR-A-TAble. I don’t know why. All I know is, I came home and looked at my netvibes page to take my […]