I know you know just what you like

This is Something Else by Diamond Rings. Thanks Dooce for the introduction. Lyrics Read More  Read More

The Whole Village was cheering

photo credit: woodleywonderworks There is a great story about a natural labor over at Dooce. In part 2 she is talking about her assistant who just had a baby. She had a bunch of people in the labour room being completetly silent between contractions and then jumping into action and cheering and helping during the contractions. The cheering and pushing and growling continue for what seems like a couple of minutes, what must have seemed like eternity for Katey, and when it’s... Read More

Four Christmas Album suggestions for YOU!

I love Christmas music and I’m having fun making Christmas mixes, but if YOU want to just buy some albums (or CD’s, if you haven’t temporarily gone back in time like I have,) then here are some great Christmas Albums. Just click on the links to go to Pandora and listen to samples of all the songs. My Reccomendations 1. Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan meloncholy and beautiful. I’m not always in the mood for this one, but if I need a good sad Christmas song... Read More

Yes, We Can. Get your Sunday Groove On!

This is a version of “Yes, We Can” by students at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon who put on a concert called Barackappella. Dooce says that Barack Obama makes her want to be a better person. Me too! Not sure if there will ever again be an election like this one in my lifetime, and I am so proud of my country right now. Many people wanted to know why I was going to vote for Obama, and the reasons are many, but most importantly he inspires me to be a... Read More

Vintage Dooce

Sadly True… Thinking Thursday, January 17 2002 Do you hear that? Yeah, that’s my biological clock, and it’s angry. FUNNY… :) Thinking Tuesday, January 22 2002 I wish I could CTRL-Z the gel I put in my hair Thinking Wednesday, January 23 2002 It is cold today in LA. I want my money back. How to Annoy Me Thursday, January 24 2002 Expect me to care about your cat. I don’t.  Read More

The Proper Way to Hate a Job

Sadly I can really relate to this brilliant post by Heather Armstrong about The Proper Way to Hate a Job which is why I’m a little afraid to get a job again. …After successfully avoiding any work related to your actual job, sneak out the back entrance and head home an hour early. Roll down the windows and scream louder than the roar of your engine. Continue screaming the whole way home taking breaths only at stoplights. You should be sufficiently hyperventilating by... Read More

Ear ah Tahble

I had a great day. A good talk with a friend. Got lots done. Went to my Womyn’s group which I was really looking forward to, but while I was there, started feeling really IRR-A-TAble. I don’t know why. All I know is, I came home and looked at my netvibes page to take my mind off it, and I was irritated with Dooce for her stupid pictures of her poor dog with the peanut butter, I’m disgusted with Blue and her stupid vengeful murder planning shenanigans, and hating... Read More