Caffeine makes me soooooo sleepy, tired, exhausted

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And it has a cumu­la­tive effect. UGH. And I wasn’t think­ing about that.
In an effort to be healthy, I bought dark choco­late and have been eat­ing a cou­ple squares a night. I’ve been feel­ing worse and worse every­day. “What’s wrong with me?” I won­dered, “Heart prob­lems? Sick? What the HELL?!?”

Nope, dark choco­late. I had this same thing hap­pen years ago when, in another attempt to be healthy, I drank green tea! Just three cups! One a day! By the third day I felt like I was a sin­gle mother of seven, with three jobs, who’d been run over by a truck. Being HORRIBLY, bone tired SUCKS.


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I have reac­tive hypo­glycemia and I already knew that stim­u­lants have this effect on me, but I just wasn’t think­ing about the caf­feine in dark choco­late. I also can’t have herbal stim­u­lants, even seem­ingly benign ones like gin­seng. GR.

I’m not the only one caf­feine has this effect on. Here’s what the inter­net has to say about other rea­sons that caf­feine might make you sleeeeeeepy:

From Give Up Cof­fee:
Caf­feine stim­u­lates the adrenal glands to release adren­a­lin, the ‘flight or fight’ hor­mone that pre­pares the body to react to a threat. It increases your heart and breath­ing rates, dilates the pupils and increases blood flow to the mus­cles. Ide­ally this adren­a­lin release hap­pens very occa­sion­ally dur­ing times of great phys­i­cal stress. How­ever, when we con­sume exces­sive amounts of caf­feine we pro­mote a sus­tained adren­a­lin response, which exhausts the adrenal glands. As a result, these glands are unable to pro­duce even the small amounts of adren­a­lin required to help us main­tain focus and con­cen­tra­tion, which in turn cre­ates feel­ings of phys­i­cal fatigue and malaise.

A sec­ondary effect of caf­feine con­sump­tion that con­tributes to sleepi­ness is that it can dampen the sen­si­tiv­ity of insulin. This hor­mone is involved in detect­ing sugar in the blood­stream and ensur­ing its uptake for energy pro­duc­tion. If insulin is not work­ing prop­erly, we have less sugar avail­able for energy and will feel tired.

Finally, caf­feine con­sump­tion – espe­cially at night – can reduce the amount we get of slow-wave sleep, which we need to be prop­erly rested and reju­ve­nated. A con­sis­tent lack of this deep sleep will def­i­nitely con­tribute to feel­ings of fatigue. Com­bine these three phys­i­cal effects of caf­feine on the body and you have a recipe for fatigue.

Yahoo Answers:

First, caf­feine is a vaso­con­stic­tor (it shrinks your blood ves­sels) thereby, it increases your heart rate and blood pres­sure. This is why caf­feine is so effec­tive for treat­ing headaches.

Sec­ond, caf­feine is also a diuretic (it makes you pee).

There­fore, if you are already dehy­drated, then the caf­feine will not have enough blood vol­ume to shrink down the ves­sels to increase your blood pres­sure, and the caf­feine will increase your dehy­dra­tion to make you more tired.

Tip: this is what I do. Drink at least 3 to 4– 8 ounce glasses of water before drink­ing one cup of cof­fee. You will run to the bath­room in 20 min­utes, but you see that you will have more pep and energy and use the 3 to 4 rule with every cup. You will find that you need less cof­fee to give you more energy

The Caffeine Curve

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I get all of this but the good work habits and the ela­tion. No, I do not get a caf­feine high and then a drop. I just get a drop.


9 comments to Caffeine makes me soooooo sleepy, tired, exhausted

  • Gabe

    I feel the same way man. It feels like it dehy­drates me or some­thing. I get so tired and out of it!


  • Abz

    you may be on to some­thing :| I feel the same way to!!

    Love your blog by the way, I’m a new visitor/stalker after hav­ing read your inspir­ing mes­sage on another blog which I’ll have to implement:

    *I LOVE just eat­ing accord­ing to my hunger*; only eat­ing when I’m hun­gry and eat­ing what I feel like eat­ing when I’m hun­gry.
    Its SUCH a relief to not obsess about food, to trust my body, and not to overeat.
    I just fig­ure I’ll trust my body and sci­ence can explain later why its so smart. ;)”


    Braidwood Reply:

    Ahh! Thanks, Abz! It’s good to be reminded of my own good words too.


  • Lech

    I was able to real­ize that cof­fee made me tired even before I read all this infor­ma­tion. I drink cof­fee every day and after the 1st one i feel great for about 2 hours max and than im on the fall till i feel like a total zom­bie worst than i ever had felt to start off with. So I’ll go with out. Whats the point of drink­ing some­thing which will only make you tired in the end.
    Its all about the rush when it comes to cof­fee and even after the 1st the 2nd cof­fee will never feel the same. So i say, no thank you.. Keep the rush and i’ll keep awake . Thanks…


  • wow! i was feel­ing so out of it today and then i reached your space, it was the cof­fee!!! green tea too?? wow! thanks for this arti­cle, much help!


  • restorationgirl

    I am putting down the cof­fee cup as of today. Maybe this is the answer to my ongo­ing Chronic Fatigue that has become debil­i­tat­ing. Green tea puts my lights out. Maybe I’m dehy­drated, too. Never really drank cof­fee until around the time CF started show­ing up & I used to be aller­gic to choco­late (caffiene). I’m going off all caffiene & see if it helps. I’ll give it at least a month just to start get­ting it out of my sys­tem to see if I’m feel­ing bet­ter. Thanks for the encour­age­ment with this arti­cle! Going to drink lots of water start­ing today to flush my system!


  • Kai

    It seems like many get buzzed after the first cup, but later cups can result fatigue. But what if even the first cup makes you tired and you con­sume caffiene rarely? This was my case. Well, I dis­cov­ered I had ADHD and this reac­tion to caf­feine is nor­mal. In fact, my doc­tor rec­om­mended drink­ing green tea to help me go to bed. It seems many adults have ADHD, up to 6% of the adult pop­u­la­tion! 80–90% of cases are undi­ag­nosed! This leads me to think that ADHD could be one of the lead­ing causes of sleepi­ness from caf­feine. Tell me what y’all think.


  • Angela

    After drink­ing one cup of cof­fee I am so tired and so sleepy!


  • Joris

    Stim­u­lants tends to have kind of an ‘oppo­site’ effect on peo­ple with ADHD and ADD.
    I have ADD (after 20 years I finally know), and caf­feine relaxes me. If I take two espresso’s at the same time I start feel­ing relaxed after 20 min­utes or so, and a lit­tle later I feel really lazy, tired, heavy…

    So you may be ADD?


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