Step 4: Know that its ok that you are who you are, where you are

Operation Have-a-Festive-Holiday is going pretty well.

Joy splattered tree

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lauren Manning

I’ve nearly completed my Christmas letter which has turned into 6 pages that I ‘m not planning to send to anyone.

I had a hard time as I started my Christmas letter. I was reminded that I didn’t accomplish any of my big goals, and that my sweetest little buddy, Milosz, died this year.

I was pretty sad about my past year until two things happened:

  1. I cried and cried about Milosz and then I asked myself what I needed. I decided that I needed to imagine him being with me and I needed to honor him. I imagined holding him and hearing his purr and his sweet little face looking at mine. And I wrote three pages about him in my Christmas letter. My little love, Milosz.
  2. Creative Commons License photo credit: Gdpaule

  3. In the past month I’ve run into a lot of advice about accepting myself as I am right now. And this past couple of days, I’ve come across even more which I needed as a reminder. I think that I often have an undercurrent of self-criticism going on that I’m not even aware of.  Facing the end of this year and comparing where I think I should be with where I am brought it out in the open in a flood of self-recrimination and regret.

It has been amazing to happen upon so much advice about accepting and loving myself all at the same time. I take it as a sign.


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